October 26, 2011

Talentos Design by the Talented Designer

Another great reason to go to one of my favorite Madrid museums, the Museo del Traje (costume museum) is to stop by the Talentos Design exhibit that opened last night. Sponsored by the Fundación Banco Santander, the exposition displays work submitted to this sustainable design competition by aspiring young designers from Iberoamerica in the categories of Spaces and Interior Design, Industrial or Products, Fashion and Textiles, and Graphics. In addition to the work itself, the most exciting aspect of this expo (in my completely unbiased opinion) was that it was designed by architect Enrique Bordes. Made using sustainable and recyclable materials, it is apparent that the geometric forms and shapes that make up the backdrop for this expo were individually tailored to each of the submitted pieces. All in all, it makes for a truly unique and breathtakingly fresh approach and a striking exposition. Whoever this guy is, he ought to give me a commission! No ham this time, rather chocolate and cava.

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