October 19, 2011

Las Recetas de El Comidista

Last night I had the great pleasure of attending the release of the new cookbook by Mikel López Iturriaga, better known as El Comidista for his fantastic culinary blog published in El País. To be perfectly honest, I crashed the book presentation, thanks to an invitation from a mutual friend, but I could not have enjoyed it more. Not only is the book appealing, organized into sections such as Exploiting your family´s recipes, Humiliate your colleagues with your Tupperware, Post-alcoholic meals and For you, because you're poor; the presentation itself was a delightful, even sidesplitting event that reached its highest points of hilarity during the author's gleeful reading of some of the comments made by his most fervent critics (trolls). The recipes are straightforward, easy (classified as being accessible to varying levels of morons), interesting and accompanied by musical suggestions - what else. Compralo! Read more in Las Recetas de el Comidista at Foods From Spain.

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