October 25, 2011

The Measure of Time

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the inauguration of an exhibition entitled The Measure of Time - The Kings' Clocks in the 18th Century Spanish Court (La Medida del Tiempo - Relojes de Reyes en la Corte española del siglo 18), which is being held in Madrid's Royal Palace until January 15th. In addition to the added delight of going to see something in such a majestic setting, the contents of the exhibition are breathtakingly lovely. This collection of eighteenth century clocks, which is managed by the Spanish National Heritage organization (Patrimonio Nacional), is one of the most significant and complete of its kind in Europe. Each piece in the collection, which was begun by the first of the Spanish Bourbon kings, Felipe V, and continued by Fernando VI and Carlos III, is a unique and fascinating timepiece adorned with intricate gold, lacquered wood, enamel, marble, glass or bronze. Additionally, the exposition, which was designed by my favorite architect and museographer, Enrique Bordes, is beautifully arrayed on a innovative structure that not only displays the clocks to the best possible advantage, but that also evokes the shadows cast by a sundial, marking the passage of time.
On a side note, I would highly recommend going on the hour, to hear the wonderful chimes. Oh, and as this is a food blog, I'll say, that we ate some delicious ham!

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