September 20, 2012

50 Shades of Chicken to Titillate the Culinary World

There's no doubting that food has always been erotic, but mystery food porn writer FL Fowler has taken the words right out of my mouth.

Every time over the years that I have stuffed my arm into the cavity of a turkey or chicken, or trussed its limbs together in an elaborate form of poultry bondage, I have felt a tenderness in my loins - which is to say my pork tenderloins - to see if they are done brining so I can put the chicken in.

Published by Clarkson Potter and ready for release this November, according to yesterday's rundown in the Huffington Post and today's review in People, this naughty cookbook features fifty recipes with filthy titles, my personal favorite being Chicken with a Lardon

And to think I spent my whole summer coming up with a different parody entitled "Fifty Shades of .....".  I'll never tell. 


1 comment:

Ellie J. Reid said...

I admit, it is a nice novelty. But I rather have this book over the book that it was coined from. This is for everyone to enjoy cooking as the recipes are very forgiving to prepare.

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