April 11, 2012

Delicious Egyptian Lunch at Samara

Shawarma combination plate. Heart tahine included!

I always turn to local Egyptian restaurant Samara for lunch when my fridge is bare, I can't stand the idea of cooking or I have to get out of the house (working from home syndrome).
Located next to the Glorieta Bilbao, Samara offers a great weekday menu that consists of several different platos combinados for the great price of 8 Euros each (with drink)!
I usually get the delicious charcoal grilled chicken plate, while E always orders the roasted lamb shawarma which is mixed with diced tomatoes, onions and lots of fresh parsley. Both come with Egyptian rice (with tiny brown noodles), salad and tahine, and are wonderful. There is also a kofta plate (minced grilled beef) and a great vegetarian taamella (similar to falafel) option that comes with hummus and Baba ghanoush.

In addition to the combination plates, there are other special dishes that rotate daily.
The most popular by far is the delectable couscous that has people practically lining up outside for a table on Thursdays and Saturdays. I absolutely love the vegetarian version (there is also chicken or lamb), which is piled high with cabbage, roasted pumpkin, carrots and other flavorful root vegetables. The accompanying broth is simply incredible.

The restaurant recently moved to a much larger and brighter corner space. And while the waitstaff can be slow, the owner is charming.

Restaurante Samara
C/ Cardenal Cisnero, 15
Madrid 28010
914 48 80 56

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