January 19, 2012

Mi Sushi - Well, you can keep it!

For lack of another photo, this actually really is a photo of MY homemade Sushi 

Last night I had an inexplicable hankering for Thong...let me just let that hang in the air for a moment.

The Thong to which I am referring of course is the delightfully named Chinese restaurant that I frequented years ago on Calle Santa Teresa, 4, in Alonso Martínez, which was right around the corner from where I found myself yesterday at dinnertime. Unfortunately, I soon realized that this Thong was long gone. Before anyone has time to worry, however, I should point out that there is still another Thong location on Calle de López de Hoyos, 14 - but while this agreeably elegant restaurant can be counted on to serve up equally agreeable Chinese food, it doesn't beckon to me enough to cross the city for a spring roll. Therefore, as I yearned for Thong, I settled on grabbing a quick bite at Mi Sushi, the apparently 'Japanese' restaurant that has taken its place. Big mistake.

My companion and I were feeling neither very hungry, nor very flush, so we opted to go the cheap and cheerful route of just ordering a couple of small dishes, including a few mixed maki, fried rice for her, and (a cold weather comfort food) udon noodle soup with tempura for me. The million item menu should have been enough to make me trust my instincts and get up and leave - no restaurant should have THAT many dishes - and if not that, then the nasty stare of the waiter when we ordered tap water (which he repeated back to us 3 times). But, being tired and weak, we ignored our gut feelings and stayed, proceeding to (not) enjoy the miniscule but acceptable maki (which cost upwards of 3 Euros for 3 tiny pieces) and the greasy and small portion of fried rice. I had to draw the line however at the soup, which smelled so unappetizing that I couldn´t eat it. It wasn't a rotten smell, but rather more like tepid dishwater with noodles, tinged with greyish beige hues and sad clumps of limp bean sprouts. 

I would definitely never ever want to call this restaurant My sushi, rice, soup or anything else. Ugh.

Mi Sushi
C/Santa Teresa, 4
28004 Madrid

1 comment:

cRIOPAK said...

I had forgotten about that "dinner", the name of the place and the quality of the food. It was really not "mi (kinda of) sushi".

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